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Onboarding Guide (with Free Template!)

The right onboarding program can have a surprisingly positive impact on both the employee and the company. Onboarding provides new hires with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to become effective in their roles much faster.

Did you know:
Organizations with standard onboarding processes experience 50% greater productivity from new employees!
Only 12% of employees feel their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.
An effective onboarding process has shown to improve new-hire retention by 82%.
Ineffective onboarding doubles the chances that a new hire will look for a different role in the near future.

Discover our comprehensive onboarding guide and free template, designed to seamlessly integrate new hires, invest in company culture, and amplify productivity.

The Drumbeat Onboarding Guide includes:

4 key steps to effective onboarding

How to create an onboarding plan tailored to your organization

Best practices backed by research

Free, fillable template you can copy and reuse for all of your new hires