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Alex Glass

Alex has 10+ years of experience in business strategy, marketing, and product development at companies like Amazon and Meetup. He has a graduate degree in Applied Positive Psychology and for the last 5+ years has dedicated his life to bridging academia with technology to drive social connection, mattering, and meaning at scale.

Adam Burgoon

Adam is the founder of Drumbeat Ventures, an innovative new investment firm with the thesis of being as intentional about organizational culture as we are about business models and strategies. Adam has 20+ years of experience investing as a part of KarpReilly Growth Partners, and its predecessor firm, Apax Partners.

We are people first

Internal: We support and take care of one another

External: We obsess over creating a positive experience for our customers

Sounds like: How can I help?

Looks like: Checking in with each other at the top of calls

We seek growth

Internal: We consistently  seek to learn and grow

External: We focus on creating conditions that result in lasting professional and personal growth

Sounds like: What did we learn?

Looks like: Taking the time to reflect on what went well and what can be improved

We embrace complexity

Internal: We appreciate the complexity of our work, always finding ways to make progress

External: We synthesize and simplify complex research to bring our customers effective and engaging solutions

Sounds like: What's the next action we can take?

Looks like: Whiteboarding how a leading academic theory  translates into real world workplace dynamics


We’ve come a long way

We design and create scalable environments that bring out the best of humankind. Alex is obsessed with social connection and believes that human beings are meant to work together and cooperate in the spirit of altruism. His obsession aligned perfectly with Adam’s vision of creating better cultures at work and better work lives for individuals. And together, they’ve been leveraging the power of fast growing, dynamic companies and technology-enabled tools to bring to life their vision of a world where people are working at their best together on shared visions that create genuine sense of purpose and meaning.

In 2020, we created a venture fund that invested in 10 startups committed to creating better cultures and spent three years developing a program that empowers organizations to be as intentional about their culture and their people as they are about their business model and strategy. Entering 2023, it is clear that the workplace has transformed and successful leaders of the future will need to deal directly with topics like remote work and the underlying causes of “the great resignation”.

We are at  the beginning stages of a paradigm shift. The vast majority of adults now consider a company’s culture before applying for a job.  Across every industry, organizations need to  adopt new mindsets, tools, and processes - Drumbeat has been and will continue to be at the forefront of that change. 

MARCH 2016
Adam Burgoon

20+ Years as an investor: VC, PC, Angel.

Prior to Drumbeat Adam was a partner at KarpReilly and principal at Apax Partners.

Alex Glass

10+ Years in strategy and product at tech companies: Amazon and Meetup.

MARCH 2017
Met at University of Pennsylvania Masters Program

Adam and Alex began collaborating at University of Pennsylvania's Applied Positive Psychology Masters Program where they both were pursuing how to increase human well-being at scale using research-based interventions.

MARCH 2020
Launched Drumbeat Ventures

Launched Drumbeat Ventures in 2020 to help promising entrepreneurs become more intentional about their organizational cultures and systematize an approach to creating a culture advantage.

July 2020
Launched Drumbeat OS

From 2020 to 2023, worked with over 10 companies and 100 people to refine a culture system and a set of tech-enabled tools that are easy to implement and extremely powerful in optimizing the organizational culture of a company, the working climate of its teams, and the lived work experience of its employees.

MARCH 2023
Drumbeat Manager Platform

In 2023, we are launching Drumbeat externally as an easy-to-use, scalable platform for high potential companies that understand the value of culture, team working climate, and employee experience and engagement, but need a clear formula for achieving tangible outcomes on those seemingly intangible priorities.

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