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A program for more experienced managers to learn and solidify the key skills required to lead more engaged and effective teams.

Only 37% of employees are impressed with their manager’s ability to manage.

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Learn THE KEY Leadership Skills

What Does the Program Look Like?

5-15 managers per cohort
6 month program
2 sessions per month
60 minutes per session

Build awareness

Learn how to:

  • Understand core values
  • Recognize unique strengths
  • Articulate and clarify their goals

Walk away with:

  • A deeper connection with why they want to improve
  • The preparedness to effectively and meaningfully develop

Invite collaboration

Learn how to:

  • Communicate a shared purpose
  • Create psychological safety
  • Build trust

Walk away with:

  • Ways to communicate with purpose
  • The ability to frame work as a learning problem
  • An understanding of how to be authentic and transparent

Create engagement

Learn how to:

  • Ask powerful questions
  • Practice active listening
  • Collaborate effectively

Walk away with:

  • The ability to actively listen and generate effective questions
  • A framework to motivate and engage their teams

Empower action

Learn how to:

  • Effectively delegate
  • Create clear agreements
  • Empower accountability

Walk away with:

  • The ability to effectively delegate and get work done without micromanaging
  • A template to set clear agreements that facilitate accountability

Each program includes:

  1. Assessments to track progress and build awareness
  2. Summaries of each session and key leadership skills
  3. Individual guides and templates for key employee touch points
  4. A digital platform with evidence-based action prompts
  5. Access to a community of practice with other  managers
  6. Personalized 1:1 coaching on manager's key focus areas

Leadership Program Impact

Managers love the combination of live coaching, tactical training, digital support, and community.

said the live coaching sessions were useful
said they took action towards becoming a better leader
said they want to continue with another Drumbeat program

A Simple, Comprehensive Solution

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Live Group Coaching

Bi-weekly 60 minute group coaching and training sessions.

Digital Platform

On-demand action prompts, guides, and templates.

1:1 Coach Support

Personalized 1:1 feedback and support between sessions.

Community of Practice

Manager Community to ask questions and receive peer support.

Leadership SKills Program

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