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Drumbeat’s people + platform approach to manager development enables your people and business to grow faster, together.

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Teams with effective managers see 53% higher performance.

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Laura Wittig
Founder, Brightly Eco
As a product of going through these exercises, hard decisions are now seen in service of our values. There’s no hesitancy, everyone’s so aligned from this perspective.

Are you worried about your team's  engagement and productivity?

Your people are busier than ever. But are they actually moving the needle on your company's growth everyday? Or are you working harder to align them in the same (upward) direction?

Create a Lasting CULTURE Advantage

Why Invest in Manager Development

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Managers account for more than 70% of variance in employee engagement scores – including motivation, productivity, and retention.

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Only 10% of leaders possess the talent to manage effectively. Less than a third of employees are impressed with their manager’s leadership skills.

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Burnout is up 25% among managers who are now twice as likely to quit as individual contributors. Managers want, and need, more support.

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Everything your managers need to become effective leaders

Finally, a results-oriented manager development solution  that goes beyond one-off workshops and trainings to truly meet your managers where they are at.

Manager Platform
People Working Together

Which of the following changes would most improve your life right now?

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Managers account for over 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores


Manager Platform

Support managers with expert-led group coaching

Develop key leadership skills that boost employee happiness and productivity.

Prompt managers with timely, science-based actions

Foster real connection by helping managers show up in the moments that matter most to their employees.

Engage your teams with ongoing cultural dialogue

Create safe spaces with facilitated sessions that make employees feel seen, heard, and valued.

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Consulting & Workshops

Define your unique culture

Build a meaningful cultural foundation everyone can connect to.

Create a sustainable Culture Plan

Operationalize your culture by embedding it into tangible employee touchpoints like hiring, onboarding, and one-on-ones.

Translate your culture into shared behaviors

Align your teams with shared language and expectations around "how things are done around here".

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Companies with great cultures and engaged employees have 23% higher profitability.

Drumbeat 23% higher
REVIEWs & Testimonials

We align teams on their path up and to the right

We’re already seeing the benefits. We feel more aligned than ever and we feel like we are doing our best work right now.

Nick Iovacchini
Founder, KettleOS

Drumbeat was pivotal for the next phase of all that we will accomplish at Remedy.

Cindy Kasindorf
Founder, Remedy Organics

Drumbeat's culture work was transformational by helping us more effectively connect our mission to the work we do on a daily basis. Getting culture right at a start-up is so important to success, and Drumbeat's system had a big impact for us.

Evan Scwhartz
Co-Founder, Aloe Care
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