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Make a big impact, quickly, through training and practical application of the most critical foundational skills required to become an effective manager.

Managers with ongoing coaching experience a 60% increase in five-year revenue growth.

Learn The 4 Foundational Skills

What Does the Program Look Like?

5-15 managers per cohort
6 month program
2 sessions per month
60 minutes per session

Lead through coaching

Learn how to:

  • Ask effective questions
  • Help your team make progress
  • Use a simple coaching methodology

Walk away with:

  • The ability to empower teams to solve their own problems
  • An easy way to coach toward accountability

Give effective feedback

Learn how to:

  • Ask for feedback
  • Build buy-in for feedback
  • Give clear, specific feedback

Walk away with:

  • A recipe to give feedback in even the hardest situation
  • Small steps to build a feedback culture

Foster productive teams

Learn how to:

  • Motivate and engage
  • Establish clear expectations
  • Create common norms

Walk away with:

  • A template for creating team norms that encourage clarity
  • Specific conversation starters that elicit productivity

Create a culture of inclusion

Learn how to:

  • Curate space for connection
  • Practice inclusion, mitigate exclusions

Walk away with:

  • Tools that help their teams feel included, connected, and valued
  • The ability to be inclusive to people of all different identities
Tools to Drive Actual Impact

Each program includes:

  1. Assessments to track progress and build awareness
  2. Summaries of each session and key leadership skills
  3. Individual guides and templates for key employee touch points
  4. A digital platform with evidence-based action prompts
  5. Access to a community of practice with other  managers
  6. Personalized 1:1 coaching on manager's key focus areas
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Program Impact

Managers love the combination of live coaching, tactical training, digital support, and community.

said the live coaching sessions were useful
said they took action towards becoming a better leader
said they want to continue with another Drumbeat program

A Simple, Comprehensive Solution

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Live Group Coaching

Bi-weekly 60 minute group coaching and training sessions.

Digital Platform

On-demand action prompts, guides, and templates.

1:1 Coach Support

Personalized 1:1 feedback and support between sessions.

Community of Practice

Manager Community to ask questions and receive peer support.

Manager Foundations Program

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