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The AI-powered leadership coach for managers.

Your managers are too busy for expensive, time-consuming workshops. Give them expert coaching support when they need it.

Teams with effective managers experience 53% higher performance.

It’s nearly impossible for People Ops teams to be available every time a manager could benefit from coaching, which is why I’m excited about the potential of Drumbeat’s AI approach. Making research-informed personal guidance instantly available to managers is a game changer.

Dana Trader

Chief People Officer, Crisis Text Line

LEVEAGE The power of AI

An expert coach for every leader

Introducing a  new, more effective way to level up managers. Drumbeat leverages the best of AI to develop great managers at every level of your organization. Through real-time, personalized coaching, Drumbeat helps your managers develop the skills they need to lead effective teams (without interrupting their day-to-day flow). Support your managers at less than 10% the cost of typical manager development programs.

24/7 manager support
Most effective research
Tailored recommendations
Access to live coaches

Better learning

Leaders have different contexts and needs. We help managers learn the key leadership skills they need in the flow of work, tailored to their individual focus areas and contexts.

Better support

Leaders are more burnt out than ever. Our top-tier coaches and experts are readily available for live sessions to support your managers when they need it most.

Better leaders

Leaders are too busy for cookie-cutter workshops. We help managers apply best practices in real time with the latest, most effective research in leadership.

How AI coaching works


Enroll right in Slack 

Get access to real-time leadership coaching without having to leave slack or download a new app.


Ask your most pressing questions

Ask Drumbeat anything. Learn how to deal with conflict, run better 1:1s, give effective feedback, or boost your team’s morale.


Get expert, actionable advice 

Get real-time coaching advice rooted in the latest, most effective science to drive immediate results and build key leadership skills.

Drumbeat AI Coaching impact

Managers love the combination of live coaching, tactical training, digital support, and community.

We’re already seeing the benefits. We feel more aligned than ever and we feel like we are doing our best work right now.

Nick Iovacchini
Founder, KettleOS

Drumbeat was pivotal for the next phase of all that we will accomplish at Remedy.

Cindy Kasindorf
Founder, Remedy Organics

Drumbeat's culture work was transformational by helping us more effectively connect our mission to the work we do on a daily basis. Getting culture right at a start-up is so important to success, and Drumbeat's system had a big impact for us.

Evan Scwhartz
Co-Founder, Aloe Care
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