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The Importance of Onboarding

Effective Management
October 30, 2023
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Every organization understands the significance of first impressions, but when it comes to welcoming new employees, it should be about more than a good start. It’s about setting a consistent, lasting tone to help employees transition into their roles and embrace their new company. Onboarding, when done correctly, is a vital pillar that holds up the entire experience an employee faces. Let’s explore why.

The essence of onboarding

Onboarding isn’t just an orientation day filled with an office tour, introductions and team lunches. It is the structured process where employees are introduced to the company’s culture, values and norms. By absorbing these elements early on, employees will integrate better into the organization’s social fabric, directly influencing teamwork, working relationships, and an overarching sense of belonging.

From the Grovo report to our own intake survey, it is clear that the desire to learn and improve is ever-present in managers. It is also evident how important offering development and training programs to your managers is to them feeling fulfilled and that they are growing in their career. 

Other findings from the Grovo report include 87% of middle managers declaring they wished they had received more management training when they first became a manager. First-time managers are in an exciting phase of their career and aspire to lead effective and prosperous teams. To see newly appointed managers thrive, organizations should consider offering a development or training program that will give them the tools to lead their team to success. 

Onboarding is more important than you think

Onboarding has proven impacts on overall company productivity, retention and profitability. For example, did you know that organizations with standardized onboarding processes witness a significant 50% increased productivity from their new hires? Yet, startlingly, only 12% of employees believe their organizations excel in onboarding new team members. These numbers highlight a distinct gap and the immense potential that lies in refining onboarding processes.

Effective onboarding accelerates the rate at which new hires become productive members of their teams. The more quickly they understand their roles, the organizational structure, and the company's objectives, the faster they can start contributing meaningfully.

But the benefits don't end there. Proper onboarding is synonymous with increased retention rates. A well-crafted onboarding strategy can amplify new-hire retention by 82%, whereas an ineffective onboarding program doubles the chances that a new hire will look for a different role in the near future.

Furthermore, there is a substantial cost to replacing an employee, estimated at three to four times the employee’s salary. High turnover isn’t just disruptive; it’s costly. Efficient onboarding isn’t just a beneficial strategy, it’s an economical one. Proper onboarding solidifies the bond between the employee and the organization. With a clear understanding of their role and the company's culture, new hires are less likely to feel misplaced and more likely to stick around.

One of the primary purposes of onboarding is to introduce the new hire to the company's culture, values, and ethos. This early introduction ensures that the employee's integration is smooth, setting the stage for better teamwork and collaboration. Onboarding is also an opportunity to clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations. It ensures that what's expected of the employee aligns with what was discussed during the hiring process, minimizing any potential misunderstandings down the line.

Take Action: Improve your onboarding process

In conclusion, onboarding is more than a series of initial gestures. It is the groundwork for the culture you aim to cultivate in your company. This is why we created a comprehensive onboarding guide with a free template, designed to help you seamlessly integrate new hires, invest in company culture, and amplify productivity.

If you’re looking for a roadmap, consider using our free onboarding template and curated guide to make onboarding smoother, more effective and valuable. If you’d like to chat, click here to schedule a meeting.

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